Hi, my name is
Chris Yamane

I’m a hybrid designer from Honolulu.

I’m best at finding connections, collaborating, and researching deeply.

Finding Connections Between Seemingly Unrelated Subjects

Business and design, glassblowing and code, physics and wine, like Charles Eames said, “eventually, everything connects.” I am always looking to learn new things or try unfamiliar modes of working because I believe creativity comes from unexpected combinations of ideas.

Collaborating with people from different disciplines

I do my best work while collaborating with people from different backgrounds. I’ve teamed up with engineers, physicists, musicians, and architects to make things like public installations and synesthetic telescopes.

Researching Deeply

I often get obsessed with subjects like algorithmic design and Buckminster Fuller's Synergetics and turn interests into iterative, hands on experiments. Digesting the technical into experiential understanding helps me turn my findings into intuitive knowledge. Only then can I take the creative leaps necessary to enter new territory.


My work has been published in places like Dezeen, Designboom, The Huffington Post, Food & Wine, Gizmodo, Yahoo News, Daily Mail, Brit+co, Metropolis, and more...

I’m always happy to meet new, creative people :)
You can reach me at cyamane08(at)gmail.com